Resident Evil 4 2D demake
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Resident Evil 4 reimagined as 2D demake

After the Resident Evil 4 Remake, Shinji Mikami’s work is on everyone’s mind. But as always, there are gamers who take their imagination a little further. And that’s exactly what DooMero did!

DooMero, an RE4 fan, has made the dream of many come true: a side-scrolling Resident Evil. He has reimagined the entire beginning of Resident Evil 4 as a side-scrolling action game, and what a work of art it is!

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A demake worth playing

If you like video games, you know how important Resident Evil is – not only to the action thriller genre but to the industry in general. Mechanics as simple as inventory management have been an inspiration in many titles.

Thanks to this, the game has an incredible amount of fans behind it. But if we must choose one as the most popular among gamers, it would be Resident Evil 4. And the remake released this year has made many players return to this amazing title.

One of them was DooMero. They are a developer who has been tinkering with gzdoom for a long time with different mods. Their latest project is a 2D side-scrolling edition of Resident Evil 4. And after several months of development, they finally released more than 30 minutes of gameplay.

As expected, it’s a masterpiece. However, like the remake of The Simpsons: Hit & Run, we may not be able to play it. Still, it’s amazing to see the imagination and skill of many developers to create works of art like this!

Check out this amazing Resident Evil 4 demake below