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Resident Evil 4 Ships 1 Million on Wii

Capcom today announced that Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition for the Wii has shipped over one million units worldwide. The game carries an M and a suggested retail price of $29.99. It is Capcom’s on-going plan to aggressively pursue the continued creation of unique and inspired creations for the Wii, including such titles as Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles, which is set to go on sale on November 13th.

Since the release of the first Resident Evil game in 1996, the series has shipped over 33 million units (as of October 30, 2007) and is valued as one of Capcom’s strongest and most original intellectual properties. RE4 Wii Edition retains the intensity of the original Resident Evil 4 while bringing players a totally new play experience through the use of the Wii Remote. In this way, by retaining the interest of the core fanbase and expanding outward toward new casual players through the Wii platform, Capcom has broken the 1 million units milestone, and successfully captured the attention of a new set of users.

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