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Resident Evil Unleashed on Nintendo DS

Capcom today announced the release of Resident Evil: Deadly Silence for Nintendo DS, a rendition of the original Resident Evil game that features both new and familiar gameplay, adapted to incorporate the handheld system’s unique feature set. Resident Evil celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, marking a decade since the birth of the series that has been credited with popularizing and defining the survival horror genre.

Players can relive the beginning of the Resident Evil saga in a newly revamped “rebirth mode.� Whereas the original game focused more on puzzle solving, this new version will place a heavy emphasis on action with more enemies and ammo as well as improved visuals for intense enemy confrontations. Also, nearly half the puzzles have been freshly upgraded providing new challenges for fans. In addition, the rebirth mode includes enhanced controls and will incorporate the DS system’s unique feature set, utilizing the touch screen and microphone functions.

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