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Robot Panic Review

Developer: CrazySoft Publisher: CrazySoft
Release Date: December 3rd, 2003 Also On: None

Have you ever watched I Love Lucy? Robot Panic somehow reminds me of the episode when Lucy and Ethel are in the chocolate factory, where a conveyer belt brings out chocolate candy and the two of them are overwhelmed. Now you can see how it feels to work in a factory, building products.

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As you now know undoubtedly, you take the role of a factory worker, set to complete the assembly of unfinished robots. Your character stands on a platform above the assembly line. Your job is to complete the missing parts by dropping them onto the body of the robot. A complete robot must have a body, left and right arm, and a head.

You can drop three parts on the robots that need them. The part to the left of the screen is the left arm, the center part is the right arm, and the head is on the right of the screen. To drop parts, move your character to each part with the joystick and press the parts as needed. The parts must be dropped before the robots reach the robot checker.

Aside from parts, you can score bonus points from catching falling items. These items drop from a conveyer belt above you. Bonus points can also be made by going to the far right of the screen. This is where a rest area is located. By tapping on your character, he will begin to snooze, giving you bonus points.

In hard mode, everything moves much faster. In panic mode, bulbs are dropped from the top conveyer belt and must be caught. A game options menu is included, allowing customization of sound, vibration, and hard keys. Robot Panic won’t last long spans of time, but for the traveling gamer, this can be a good time for a few minutes.

Graphics: 5
Sound: 4
Gameplay: 6.5
Creativity: 7
Replay Value/Game Length: 7
Final: 5.6
Written by Kyle Review Guide