Rocket Arena road map details what’s coming soon to the new hero shooter

Rocket Arena roadmap

Rocket Arena just launched, and a bunch of new content is already on the horizon. EA has released a road map detailing the game’s seasons.

At launch, the game features a roster of 10 playable heroes with their own customizable play styles with 100 levels of progression. There are 10 maps, 22 gameplay-changing artifacts, custom games, as well as social and ranked playlists.

The game also includes four competitive game modes, a cooperative mode, a training level and practice mode, as well as daily and weekly challenges. It’s also worth noting the game’s cosmetic items can be unlocked through in-game progression.

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So what’s coming soon?

The game’s heroes will soon see reinforcements. EA has revealed that the game will use a seasonal model with new updates coming out about every three months. Season One kicks off on July 28.

Season One brings a new character, Flux, plus over 10 new playlists. Season Two kicks off in fall 2020 and will include new heroes, maps, and limited-time events. Meanwhile, Season Three starts in early 2021. So there is a lot of new content for players on the immediate horizon.

Seattle-based Final Strike Games is the studio behind the team-based shooter. The 3-versus-3 shooter Rocket arena is out now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. It supports crossplay between platforms.

Watch the Rocket Arena launch trailer below!

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