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Rogue Company’s The Walking Dead crossover out now

Rogue Company's The Walking Dead crossover out now

The Walking Dead crossover is now live in Rogue Company.

The free-to-play shooter Rogue Company has released its latest major update based on the iconic franchise and comic book The Walking Dead. Players can utilize outfits based on the story’s central characters, along with several other changes to the game.

Here’s a description of the crossover from Hi-Rez Studios:

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Surviving in the post-apocalyptic world is difficult, especially when walkers threaten your life at every corner. However, Negan, Rick, and Michonne are examples of those who can make it through those events by any means necessary. 

Available for 1500 Rogue Bucks at launch, or through The Walking Dead Supply Drops, there are multiple bundles to acquire, each containing one of the three character outfits and their signature weapon as a weapon wrap, or the Black and White “Classic” versions of these outfits and wraps. There are also cosmetic bundles containing several emotes, weapon wraps, or other items inspired by the comics.

Quickplay Changes and Weekly Contracts

Following Quickplay’s adoption as one of our most popular queues, it is being refined to be everchanging through the patch. Every Tuesday, the queue will choose some mixture of four game modes, creating a rotating queue that will always have some unique combination. In addition, Weekly Contracts are being added to create more engaging goals for core players, as well as more opportunities for rewards. Five of these challenging contracts will be presented to players every Tuesday, rewarding a supply drop if all five are completed.

Fixer Rework

Fixer has long needed to have a more clearly defined niche, as well as a way to be effective even when the smoke grenade is on cooldown. To do this, his Thermal Vision now has a chest-high precision zone marked by a white-hot reading on the thermals. Hitting these zones awards bonus damage while the ability lasts. Alongside this, with recent changes, Rogue Company had yet to have someone that could naturally fight against high armor; thus, Fixer’s passive has been reworked to Full Metal Jacket, allowing him to ignore enemy armor.

Narrative Event: Bad Actors

Finally, Trench’s story continues, a man once known for his warmth and heart turned cold by his pursuit of the traitor that destroyed his trust. The Rogues continue to be consumed by paranoia and stress as they attempt to uncover the traitor and the connection between Trench and the AI from Meltdown. As you play Rogue Company matches, learn how the Rogues deal with this recent development and earn brand-new cosmetic rewards tied to the event.

Rogue Company is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC. The game is free-to-play.