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RPG Maker 3 Reaches Gold Status

Budding game designers everywhere prepare to create the most advanced stories and fantastic new game worlds ever! Game publisher Agetec announces that RPG Maker 3, the latest in the Designer Series, will ship to North American retailers on September 20, 2005. RPG Maker 3 for the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system can be pre-ordered through both ebgames.com and gamestop.com.

RPG Maker 3 significantly expands player’s capabilities for creating enchanting fantasy game play with an easy-to-use toolset that includes a sprite-based map editor that transforms the creations into realistic 3D worlds. Players can create events and story elements within a menu-driven environment and populate towns in real time, while choosing from a huge cast of characters, animations, magic effects, weapons and more—all reproduced in beautiful fantasy-style graphics.

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