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Section 8 Lands at Retail for Xbox 360

SouthPeak Games announced Tuesday that its massive sci-fi shooter, Section 8, for the Xbox 360, has shipped to all North American retailers, with the Games for Windows Live version available this Friday. Section 8 casts players as futuristic, armor-clad soldiers who perform meteoric dives onto the battlefield, where they battle with up to 40 players on Windows PC or 32 on Xbox 360 for control of the immense cosmic landscapes.

Developed by TimeGate Studios, Section 8 opens up the tactical possibilities of team-based shooters by placing players in vast, open battlefields, and giving them the ability to Burn-In anywhere they choose from 15,000 feet above the map. In addition, every player in the game is equipped with a jetpack and an overdrive sprint ability, which they can use to quickly get to any objective and attack from any angle.

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