Sega Ages: Thunder Force AC coming soon to Nintendo Switch

Sega is bringing Thunder Force AC to the Nintendo Switch on May 28 as part of their Sega Ages lineup.

Sega Ages: G-LOC Air Battle is a port of the arcade game. Like with all Sega Ages titles, it will feature enhanced features and visuals. You’ll get an option to save the game and watch replays. And there are two sets of leaderboards: Expert for players who use the default settings and Freestyle for custom settings.

In terms of modes, there is the Arcade Mode, which is a faithful adaptation of the original featuring three unlockable ships. They include the FIRE LEO-04 RYNEX, FIRE LEO-04 RYNEX with the Thunder Claw weapon, and FIRE LEO-3 STYX MP Mass Production Model.

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Kids Mode helps you on your mission. It provides increased attack power, additional credits (9 instead of 6), and the ability to retain your weapons even after your ship has been destroyed, among other adjustments.

Plus, the game will include stereo sound for most of the music and sound effects, HD rumble, and save states. Lastly, to make the experience more authentic, there’s a CRT-like vintage display and a Cabinet mode that lets you play with an arcade ambiance.

The Sega Ages series brings classic Sega titles back to life on the Nintendo Switch with new features. M2 is the studio behind the ports, the same Japanese developer responsible for the popular Sega 3D Classics series on the Nintendo 3DS.

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