SEGA Launches Shining Force Neo

SEGA of America today announced the release of Shining Force Neo exclusively for the PlayStation 2. Featuring stunning anime cut-scenes from Studio 4°C, and a dynamic story spanning more than 40 hours, Shining Force Neo takes the popular Shining Force franchise into the realm of action role-playing.

Developed by SEGA Studios, Shining Force Neo is a tale of knights and magic, set in a world that has been popular with RPG fans for nearly 15 years. Max, a young fighter training for knighthood, has been tasked by his father to close monster portals that have opened up in peaceful villages. With the help of 11 friends, Max’s quest will take him all over the world, and through his heroic acts, he will ultimately become a legendary hero.

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As well as announcing that Shining Force Neo for the PlayStation 2 launched today, Turner Broadcasting’s GameTap network has released, starting this week, the original SEGA Genesis version of Shining Force. The game is currently available and playable at (check out the 2-week free trial period).

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