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Sega Rally Revo Ships on PS3, 360 and PSP

Sega of America today announced that SEGA Rally Revo has shipped in North America for the PlayStation 3, the Xbox 360 and the PSP. This genre-defining competitive racing game is the first title developed by the newly-formed SEGA Driving Studio and is already receiving applause for its genre-defining look and gripping gameplay.

SEGA Rally Revo is the new benchmark in next-gen off-road racing, turning every lap into a new experience. Experience truly deformable tracks for the first time, using proprietary GeoDeformation technology. Bumper-to-bumper races in single-player and multiplayer modes on a constantly changing track surface, using fully customizable licensed cars. The genre-defining SEGA Rally arcade brand sets a new off-road racing benchmark with SEGA Rally Revo, made possible by the processing power of next-generation platforms.

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