Sony: Keep your PS3 off while we fix the bug

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The PlayStation community has been paralyzed as of Sunday, February 28, 2010, when a PSN bug literally caused systems to stop working. Even attempts to play games offline have been thwarted by an error involving the system’s internal clock.

According to reports on the Internet, the “fat” version of the PS3 (which was basically sold from the launch in 2006 until fall 2009) is affected. PS3 Slim systems are unaffected. The internal clock on these systems are resetting to 12/31/99, causing the inability to log into PSN and start games (both online and offline).

Sony is advising PS3 owners to not use their systems until a fix is ready sometime on Tuesday. Failure to head their warning can lead to the above mentioned mess as well as potentially losing trophy data. Since the systems requires a sync with the servers, this data may be lost while the bug is around.

It’s certainly been a bad few days for Sony. Just as the PS3 has started to gain steam since the launch of the PS3 Slim, technical issues have badly hampered their progress. As we reported on Saturday, Heavy Rain has had random freezing issues that have led to corrupt save files from people that reset their systems. We’ll keep you posted as more information arises.