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Spider-Man joins the fray in latest Marvel’s Avengers update

Marvel’s Avengers patch 2.2

With this new patch comes one of the most beloved characters of the Marvel super hero universe that will arrive exclusively for PlayStation.

Square Enix has revealed that the new Marvel’s Avengers patch 2.2 includes new Klaw raids for all platforms, as well as Spider-Man as a playable hero unique to PlayStation.

The update expands on an already densely packed game, including new features and extending the game’s plot via the ongoing Avengers Initiative. Marvel’s Avengers now has nine playable heroes (ten on PlayStation platforms) and limitless multiplayer co-op combat for up to four players.

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Klaw Raids, Shipments, Gear Upgrades, and more

Raids are one of the truest tests of collaboration in Marvel’s Avengers. They need innovative strategies and the full collaboration of a team of four players outfitted with cutting-edge equipment. The raid has two difficulty levels: Normal and Elite, which raises the challenge while also providing the finest prizes in the game.

The sonic monster Klaw has returned to the Vibranium Mound to destroy Wakanda following the events of the War for Wakanda expansion. The Black Panther and the Avengers must stop him before he completes his mission.

Also included in this new patch are Shipments, which allow an entirely new way to acquire desired cosmetics, resources, and other stuff just via gameplay, a much-requested alternative by the Marvel’s Avengers community. Gear Upgrades have also been added, allowing players to recycle higher power level equipment to improve their existing equipment to meet the higher power level of the consumed item, and the maximum power level has been raised from 150 to 175.

Spidey is here

The advent of the legendary Spider-Man to the game is perhaps the most significant addition to this latest version. With his high-flying acrobatics, this new hero brings a whole new way to experience the game, either solo or with friends. His unique movement and combat abilities will no doubt be a great addition to any strike team undertaking missions in the Avengers Initiative.

With less than a month until the premiere of the third installment of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man trilogy, Spider-Man’s arrive in Marvel’s Avengers is well-timed. Congratulations, if you have a PlayStation, you may enjoy this wonderful spider hero in Square Enix’s game.

Marvel’s Avengers is currently available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Game Pass, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Google Stadia, and PC via Steam.

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