Squad Assault: Second Wave Ships

Got Game Entertainment and co-publisher Merscom today announced that Squad Assault: Second Wave for North American release has begun shipping to retail stores across the U.S. and Canada. A 3D real-time strategy game with multi-player, Squad Assault: Second Wave immerses players in a realistic recreation of World War II tactical combat. Featuring 57 total single missions playable at three different difficulties, 26 operations and 6 dynamic campaigns, the game is primed for replayability and retails for only $29.99.

Once the battle starts, the soldiers you command respond with real reactions to the combat situations around them. While the battles can rage fast and furious, the game’s user-defined auto-pause feature for order, entry, and battlefield assessment also offers a perfect alternative for those who prefer traditional turn-oriented play and a more thoughtful game. Further, the full 2D maps in Squad Assault: Second Wave are available at a keystroke to make battle overview simple and easy to view.

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