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Starfield and No Man’s Sky are attracting tons of players

Space travel is on the rise, and it’s all thanks to Starfield. Despite being criticized by many players, Starfield has been a major success. In fact, it managed to have over a million players on all platforms where it is available.

In SteamDB we can see that the game has surpassed the record of simultaneous players that another Bethesda game had. That popularity has positively affected another important title of science fiction and space: No Man’s Sky.

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Another successful launch

Despite all the criticism that Starfield has faced, the game has not done badly at all. What’s more, the game is Bethesda’s most successful launch game with over 6 million different players. Better yet, the game had over a million concurrent players on all platforms where it is available.

Beyond the success it has had on the Xbox Series X|S versions, the focus of gamers and the industry has been on the PC versions. To be clear, most of the focus has been negative. However, the largest player base to date is on this platform.

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But Bethesda must be celebrating another milestone for a new company record on Steam! Previously, the game with the most concurrent players was The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim with a whopping 287,411 players. Starfield‘s popularity has not only surprised players but also the company itself.

Starfield has broken Bethesda’s record for the game with the most concurrent players. Starfield has managed to have 313,993 concurrent players on Steam, according to SteamDB. This reflects the popularity of the title in the genre, which has had a very positive impact on another giant of the genre.

No Man’s Sky is having one of its best months in years

Undoubtedly, another great of this genre is No Man’s Sky, a game that was much more criticized (and rightly so) than Starfield at launch. But the game has redeemed itself over the years to the point of becoming one of the best in the genre.

With the popularity that Starfield has had, many players, fans, and non-fans of the genre, have become interested in other titles. One of them is No Man’s Sky. According to Sean Murray, the game has had great growth in sales and active players.

The growth has not only been seen on Steam but also on the rest of the platforms where Starfield is not available. This allows many players to (virtually) explore space like never before.