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Is Starfield the next No Man’s Sky?

New statements from Todd Howard about Starfield worry gamers.

Bethesda’s long-awaited space role-playing game, Starfield, is becoming the star of 2023. However, it has also raised some doubts among fans. That’s especially true after Todd Howard, the game’s director and executive producer, revealed some new details.

According to Howard in the podcast Kinda Funny Games, Starfield will not have mounts or ground vehicles to explore the planets. They will only have spaceships that will allow us to travel between them. In addition, only 10% of the planets will have life, and the rest will be deserts or hostile places. These statements have made some players fear that Starfield could end up like No Man’s Sky.

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No mounts or ground vehicles

Todd Howard has done it again. During the Kinda Funny Games podcast, he gave certain statements that have stirred up the gaming community. One of the aspects that have aroused the most curiosity among fans is what exploration will be like in Starfield.

According to what Howard revealed, Starfield will have no mounts or ground vehicles; only spaceships that we will be able to customize and use to travel between the more than 1,000 planets that will be in the game.

Crazy, right?

Well, Howard has explained that the decision not to include mounts or land vehicles is because they want to focus on the feeling of being a space explorer. In addition, he has assured that each planet will have a considerable size and will offer a wide variety of environments; from bustling cities to dangerous bases or wild landscapes.

Only 10% of planets will have life

If that wasn’t enough, the icing on the cake was Howard’s comment about life on the planets we can explore. Howard commented that only 10% of the planets we will be able to visit in Starfield will have life. The rest will be desolate or inhospitable worlds, where we will have to use spacesuits and special equipment to survive.

Howard has stated that this ratio is realistic and based on current knowledge of the universe. In addition, he said that the presence or absence of life on the planets will affect the story and the missions we will be able to perform on them.

However, this is what has most stirred up the Starfield community and gamers in general who have high expectations for Bethesda’s next title. The reason? The resounding failure and false expectations of No Man’s Sky during its launch.

Why Starfield could be the next No Man’s Sky

These statements have generated some concern among some gamers, who fear that Starfield will be a boring and limited game. Some of the reasons for making this comparison are as follows:

  • No Man’s Sky also promised an infinite and varied universe to explore, but in the end, it turned out to be a monotonous game with hardly any content.
  • No Man’s Sky was also delayed several times before release, which led to high expectations and a disappointing result.
  • No Man’s Sky also had technical problems and bugs at launch, which negatively affected the gameplay experience.
  • Lastly, No Man’s Sky was also criticized for its lack of interaction with other players and its underdeveloped story.

Still, after what was presented at the Xbox Games Showcase, Starfield presents something much more polished. However, we already know what happened with Fallout 76. But we are positive that Xbox and Bethesda are looking to redeem themselves after the company’s recent failures.

Watch the podcast from Kinda Funny Games featuring Todd Howard down below!