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Sunshine Manor goes into full development after successful Kickstarter

Sunshine Manor

The 2D horror adventure game Sunshine Manor is now funded and going into full development.

The game reached £26,842 (just over $35,000) during its successful Kickstarter campaign thanks to 627 backers. Those backers receive a copy of the game. And the indie developer says that any pre-orders will count towards unlocking the remaining stretch goals. These include a new chiptune remix, a new costume and power, and a bonus mini-chapter.

“We really cannot express enough how grateful we are to everyone who jumped on the Sunshine Manor Kickstarter and pledged. We’re excited to now move onto the next stage of development and can’t wait to share more information with everyone as we progress,” says Paul Dolby at indie developer Fossil Games.

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Sunshine Manor draws inspiration from famous 1980s horror movies. You play as Ada whose night of trick or treating turns into a night of terror when she becomes trapped inside the old Aitken Manor. You’ll use Ada’s psychic powers to battle demons, solve puzzles, and maybe even defeat the omnipresent Shadow Man.

Sunshine Manor is coming to PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Watch the Kickstarter trailer below!