Top five Digimon games of all time

Digimon Top 5 games

Digimon Survive is almost here. It’s time to revisit the best games of the franchise. When we talk about Japanese RPGs, different sagas come to mind: Final Fantasy, Persona, Pokémon. But one that, despite not being so trendy, is Digimon. Digital Monsters, better known on this side of the pond as Digimon, since 1998 has … Read more

Pre-orders open for Dynamotion three figure Digimon set

Digimon figures

Get three of the most mythical Digimons of the anime with free shipping. Premium Bandai once again surprises anime fans, this time with a Dynamotion set of three figures of the Digimon adventure characters: Greymon, Metal Greymon, and Mugendramon. With a standard size between the figures, it’s the perfect item to decorate your gaming room, … Read more