Elland: The Crystal Wars Kickstarter campaign is fully funded

In less than ten days, Elland: The Crystal Wars‘ Kickstarter funding goal is reached. The Retro Room Games announced today that its Kickstarter campaign for Elland: The Crystal Wars has received 105% funding. So far, the project has over 130 backers less than 10 days after the campaign’s launch. Completely surpassed the expectations of the … Read more

Interview: Gelatinous co-creator Steven Long talks upcoming Game Boy game

Last time we checked, the calendar said 2021. Still, Nintendo Game Boy is all the rage these days with new games like Gelatinous: Humanity Lost. We’ve covered several examples of modern Game Boy and Game Boy Color games from indie developers. Genesis is a new bullet-hell shmup for Game Boy. Meanwhile, an unfinished Game Boy … Read more