AstroDogs is a new arcade action game that resembles Star Fox

The intense arcade-style action game AstroDogs is out now. The game features a cast of dogs piloting spacecraft and resembles Star Fox. What’s not to like about it? The game comes from indie developer Digital Media Triad, a studio based in Mexico. AstroDogs is composed of 10 impressive handcrafted levels with an engaging story and … Read more

Nintendo Switch Online subscribers can download 20 free SNES games

Yesterday’s Nintendo Direct was jam-packed with Nintendo Switch game announcements. Honestly, we’d forgive you if you got most excited about the news that SNES games are being added to the Nintendo Switch Online lineup. Indeed, this is big news for a service that has caught flak from fans over its rather measly lineup of monthly … Read more

Star Fox Zero April 2016 Release Date Confirmed

The latest Star Fox game was supposed to be released for Wii U before the end of 2015 but was delayed this past September. The new release date was revealed during the latest Nintendo Direct. Gamers eager to get their hands on Star Fox Zero can do so starting April 22, 2016. The game was … Read more

E3 2015: Star Fox Zero (Wii U) Trailer

The headliner for Nintendo’s Wii U platform this year is a new Star Fox game that blends the staple flight combat with ground combat, similar to the GameCube’s Star Fox: Assault. The game’s controls make use of the Wii U GamePad’s gyroscopes. We have to say, though, that it is quite visually underwhelming, especially compared … Read more