Take-Two confirms 2 remasters planned for 2024

Bully? BioShock? Red Dead Redemption?

Take-Two has become that company where gamers have their eyes on them at all times. The American company has managed to count on the IPs that have generated the most money in the last decade. But, beyond the success of the latest games under the company’s name, fans are waiting for the return of incredible titles. And Take-Two knows it!

That’s why in the latest financial report, the company has first confirmed that we will be getting 2 remasters or remakes in fiscal year 2024. Although we don’t know for sure which games will be seeing the light of day, thanks to certain moves we can get an idea.

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2 remasters from Take-Two

Many gamers, when they read or hear Take-Two, immediately think of Rockstar. However, this American company has some great studios to its credit. Among them we can find: 2K Games, Zynga, Private Division, PlayDots, Visual Concepts, Social Point, Nordeous, GameClub, and many more. All this in addition to all Rockstar’s subsidiaries and studios worldwide.

Thus, Take-Two has a long list of incredible and successful IPs to its credit. But even though their focus is on the current titles developed by 2K Games and Rockstar, they are starting to listen to the audience. And, surprisingly, the audience wants remasters and remakes of well-known games they own.

Now, Take-Two, in the company’s latest financial report, has confirmed that they are indeed working on two remasters. Release date? fiscal year 2024. However, the question now is, which titles will be released?

Possible titles and leaks

BioShock, Grand Theft Auto, Bully, Manhunt, Read Dead Redemption, Borderlands, and even Prey are among the most requested games or franchises by online fans. But recently there was a filing with GRAC Korea classifying Red Dead Redemption as “a new version of the game for consoles”.

Even so, it was already expected for this Summer Game Fest, some announcement from Take-Two or Rockstar about a possible remaster. But it is important to note that Take-Two is much more than Rockstar.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to see a return of the original BioShock, or maybe get lost in the gameplay of Borderlands once again. Added to this, another title that has joined the list is GTA IV. However, I don’t think we’ll be seeing Niko Bellic again anytime soon. Even more so knowing that GTA VI could arrive between 2024 and 2025.