Nicolas Doucet Team Asobi
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Team Asobi Director Nicolas Doucet seeks to surprise us with their next game

Nicolas Doucet Team Asobi

The creators of Astro’s Playroom are looking to outdo themselves with their new title for the PlayStation 5.

Nowadays, gamers have betas, alphas, early access, and more opportunities to try games before they are released. But in the past, only demos were available. Demos allowed us to test games and consoles. In fact, PlayStation is one of the precursors of demos along with Team Asobi.

Team Asobi is the development studio that brought Astro’s Playroom to test the new PlayStation 5 hardware. It’s basically a demo that turned out to be one of the biggest surprises of the PS5 for all that it offers, particularly spotlighting the DualSense controller. But, now Nicolas Doucet, the director of Team Asobi, revealed that the studio is developing a new title that will far surpass Astro’s Playroom in every single way.

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A future hit on PlayStation 5

After its last two releases, Team Asobi is hungry for more. The studio enjoyed great success both in the gaming community and in the media for Astro’s Playroom and Astro Bot Rescue Mission. However, it has been rumored for some time now that the development studio was planning a new game.

This information, which was an open secret, has recently been confirmed by Nicolas Doucet. In an exclusive interview for GameIndustry, the director shared different information about the development studio. He talked about the company’s big milestone of reaching 100 workers to being one of the only studios to receive prototypes from Sony.

But the really important thing has been the confirmation of the new Team Asobi game. One of the purposes of the growth of the team was the possible development of a new project for the PS5. But, instead of being something directly related to Sony, it will be a big paid game rumored to be a 3D action-adventure game.

Doucet says it will be a commercial title and an important project for the company. He even shared that it will be “the biggest to date.” In addition, the studio has learned about haptic feedback and adaptive triggers that they will apply in this new title. Thus, they will revolutionize the PS5 experience once again.

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