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TellTale Announces Episodic Pricing Structure

Telltale, Inc., a rapidly growing digital
entertainment pioneer, today announced a new pricing model for its titles
that will accelerate growth for episodic digital entertainment. Effective
immediately, all episodes in the Bone series that sell through Telltale’s
digital distribution channel will sell for $12.99, to align with current
models in other entertainment media.

“We will expand the audience for games enormously by setting a price that
competes directly with DVDs, music CDs, books and cable television,� said
Dan Connors, CEO of Telltale, Inc. “The demand for downloadable episodic
content continues to grow, and Telltale is providing a steady stream of
rich, fully interactive digital experiences at the same price as
traditional media which lack the interactive dimension.�

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“Our team has been working on a number of fantastic improvements to the
Bone episodes over the past several months, including this new pricing
model,â€? said Troy Molander, COO of Telltale, Inc. “We’re creating a system
that makes it incredibly easy for audiences around the world to tune in
regularly for episodes of their favorite series at Telltale.�