The Best Energy Weapons in Fallout New Vegas

These are the Best Energy Weapons in Fallout New Vegas that will turn your enemies into piles of disintegrated ash. The way you can obtain these weapons are also given in this article, briefly.

YCS/186 or the Alien Blaster

The Best Energy Weapons in Fallout New Vegas

This is a unique variant of the Gauss rifle and it’s one of the best weapons in the entire game, including all of the DLCs. There really is no need for me to explain this beast’s power. But you’ll understand how destructive it is when you disintegrate Deathclaws (the most powerful mutants in the wasteland) with three shots. This gun can only be obtained if you don’t have the Wild Wasteland perk active.

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The Best Energy Weapons in Fallout New Vegas

If you do have that perk active, however, instead of the YCS/186, there will be the Alien Blaster. These weapons are at the mercenary camp north of the Horowitz farmstead in the Mojave Wasteland. Just like the above weapon, the Alien Blaster is immensely powerful. A Critical Hit is guaranteed in every shot and this alone makes this weapon an absolute beast. But the ammunition of this weapon is limited and there isn’t an endless supply of it in the Mojave Wasteland.

Quantum plasma modulation matter injection rifle version 35

The Best Energy Weapons in Fallout New Vegas

This gun is simply called the Q-35 Matter Modulator because it’s much easier to say. This is the best plasma rifle in the game and it fires faster, deals 50% more Damage Per Second and does 15 more Critical Hit damage. Also, this gun is very ammo efficient because it uses only one microfusion cell instead of two. In the REPCONN facility, there’s a locked door with a very hard lock that requires 100 lockpicking to unlock. Alternatively, you can also hack a terminal just next to the door to unlock it. But this terminal also requires level 100 in Science. As for the location of the weapon itself, it’s in the room behind the locked door and it’s not hard to find at all, especially if you’re an attentive explorer.

Elijah’s Advanced LAER

This is a semi-unique variant of the LAER. That means there are potential upgrades for this weapon that makes it even more powerful. This gun deals 232 Damage Per Second and that’s devastating. This is not a straight-up laser rifle either. Instead, it’s a Laser Assisted Electrical Rifle, thus the name LAER for short. You can get this weapon by exploring the world of the Old World Blues DLC. There are two of these rifles in two locations. One is on the roof of the Signal Hills Transmitter and the other is on the porch of the Little Yangtze watchtower.

MF Hyperbreeder Alpha (Gun Runners’ Arsenal)

This is a unique recharger pistol. Despite being technically the unique variant of the common recharger pistol, this gun is actually a compact rifle made into a pistol. As you might know, recharger weapons do not use ammunition. So, in a way, this is one of the best weapons in the game. It deals 175 Damage Per Second and that’s not bad at all. This is a very practical and efficient weapon. You can buy it from Cliff Briscoe at Novac, inside the big, cute dinosaur statue. If somehow, Briscoe dies, you can buy it from the Vendortron at the Gun Runners’ Arsenal.

Pew Pew

This unique laser pistol is vastly more powerful than the common variant, which deals only about 40 Damage Per Second. Pew Pew, however, deals a whopping 150 Damage Per Second. There’s a downside, however: the gun shoots a whopping five energy cells per shot, meaning that you can shoot only two times before reloading the gun. In the hands of a skilled marksman, however, this gun will be devastating. The critical chance of Pew Pew is also high, at x2.5. To get it, you have to first find 50 Sunset Sarsaparilla Star Bottlecaps and then give them to Festus at the Sunset Sarsaparilla headquarters.