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The Best Unique Weapon of Each Category in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

In this list, you will learn how to obtain the best unique weapon of each category in Skyrim. The weapons in this list are objectively the best ones in the game and they’re chosen according to their stats and their enchantments. You must own the DLCs to obtain some of these weapons.

In order to avoid as many spoilers as possible, I will only point you toward the quests from which these weapons can be obtained. I refrain from revealing plot points and important information about them. Finding these weapons is not difficult and it’s fairly straightforward, most of the time.

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Best One-Handed Weapon: Miraak’s Sword

The Best Unique Weapon of Each Category in Skyrim

Complete the Dragonborn DLC to obtain this weapon. With a uniquely grotesque design that gives off Lovecraftian vibes, Miraak’s sword is one of the lightest swords in the game. It has the best base damage out of all the one-handed weapons as well, and it can also be upgraded at a grindstone. You need the Arcane Smithing perk and the Dwarven Smithing perk to do so, and the ingredients you need are a Daedra heart and an Ebony ingot.

Its enchantment can absorb 15 points of Stamina.

Best Dagger: Blade of Woe

The Best Unique Weapon of Each Category in Skyrim

With 12 base damage, which is the highest out of all the unique daggers in the game, the Blade of Woe can be obtained in the Dark Brotherhood questline. Its enchantment allows you to steal 10 points of health with each hit. You can upgrade it at a grindstone without any ingots or other ingredients, but it requires the Arcane smithing and Steel smithing perks.

I chose this dagger for this entry because of its impressive base damage, but if you’d try something different, obtain the Mehrunes’ Razor by siding with Mehrunes Dagon in the quest “Pieces of the Past”, which you can initiate by speaking to Silus in Dawnstar. It has a small chance to kill your enemies with a single hit.

Best Bow: The Nightingale Bow

Complete the Thieves guild questline to obtain this bow that has a base damage of 19 when obtained at levels past 46. This is a leveled bow, meaning that it’ll be more powerful the higher character level you have. Its power is at its best when obtained at levels past 46.

Its enchantment is capable of dealing 30 frost damage and shocking the target for 15 points of damage. With the Arcane blacksmith perk and an ebony ingot, you can upgrade this weapon at a grindstone.

Best Unique Two-Handed Weapon: Volendrung

This huge Warhammer is the reward for completing the quest “The Cursed Tribe” which you can start in Largashbur in the Rift. Its base damage is 25 and it has a unique enchantment that allows you to absorb 50 points of Stamina. You can perform a lot of power attacks with this weapon comfortably thanks to this powerful enchantment. Also, it has the highest swing speed out of all other Warhammers. Its speed is similar to that of a greatsword.

You can also upgrade the hammer at a grindstone with an ebony ingot and the Arcane smithing perk. However, it does not benefit from any other smithing perks.