The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Dual Dagger Build

In this guide, we’ll design a simple but extremely efficient Dual Dagger Build in Skyrim. This build is for early game players and with enough attention, you could make this build viable in later levels as well.

The main focus here is on offense, and defense is secondary. Overwhelmingly fast attacks are what we’ll try to achieve. Because this is for the early game, I will make it as simple as I possibly can.

The Daggers

Skyrim Dual Dagger Build

After reaching Whiterun, go to the Skyforge at the Jorrvaskr. Here, you can buy exceptional semi-unique weapons. Buy two Skyforge Steel Daggers. If you join the Companions, you will be able to get a single weapon from Eorlund, the blacksmith, for free. Later in the game, you can upgrade these daggers to Daedric or Dragon Bone.

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I highly suggest investing in the smithing skill tree in order to greatly upgrade these two daggers. However, do not enchant them.


You are free to choose whatever armor you see fit for this build. I strongly advise sticking to light armor that allows for agility, and it fits the agile warrior theme very well.

Skills and Perks

You must invest in the one-handed skill tree in order to maximize the effectiveness of this build. I suggest obtaining all five levels of the Armsman perk at first. That will increase your attack power considerably with each level.

After doing that, invest in the Dual Flurry perk that significantly increases your attack speed. There are two levels in that perk; get both of them.

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At later levels, you can invest your points in Dual Savagery, which increases power attack damage by 50%. At first, the perks mentioned in the previous sections are the bare minimum.


Skyrim Dual Dagger Build

The most important aspect of our build other than the weapons themselves, the Elemental Fury shout is essential. There are three locations you must visit to acquire all three words of the shout, but even with a single word, it makes the build very powerful. Elemental Fury increases your overall attack speed greatly and paired with the Dual Flurry perk, you will be as fast as lightning.

The first word of the shout is located at Dragontooth Crater, the second is at Shriekwind Bastion and the third is at the Statue of Meridia. They won’t be too difficult to find.

This interactive map will help:


By getting the necessary skills and the shout, you complete this basic build. As you progress through the game, invest in the respective skill trees to maximize effectiveness. But even without much attention, this build will suit any agile combatant exceptionally.

When going into battle, equip the daggers and use the shout to increase weapon speed drastically for 15 seconds. Felling even the most powerful enemies is quite easy in these 15 seconds, as you will shred through their life energy and defenses like paper. Even without the shout, this build is very powerful and fast thanks to the Dual Flurry perk.