The Everlasting Regret is a puzzle game that plays like an interactive poem

The Everlasting Regret

The poetic puzzle game The Everlasting Regret is out now on Android and iOS devices. The game is an adaptation of a Chinese narrative poem.

The Everlasting Regret features tailor-made levels told across four chapters. Each of the chapters is designed to present the poem’s tragic love story in a beautiful, artistic style reminiscent of the Tang Dynasty.

The game plays like an interactive poem as players need to solve puzzles in order to move on to the next page. Three paint elements (Vivify, Bond, and Destroy) help players interact with each story segment to complete its narrative. They can also be used to discover secret scenarios featuring new illustrations.

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The game uses a Chinese ink-brush painting art style to tell its love story. This special drawing technique is created using a brush dipped into ground ink. It’s then submerged in water before being painted onto a paper or silk canvas.

The poem, Song of Everlasting Regret, is written by Chinese poet Bai Juyi. Here are some more details on the poem from the game’s developer:

It is inspired by the love story of an emperor of the Tang Dynasty who falls in love with a beautiful young girl. Emperor Xuanzong becomes so entranced by Lady Yang that he forgets all of his responsibilities while they both enjoy every minute of their love. Suddenly, war breaks out and the emperor must lead his troops into battle but brings the girl for fear of leaving her alone. His men see that he is distracted and demand Lady Yang be killed to focus his attention on the battle. Xuanzong has no choice but to allow it. After her death, Xuanzong regrets his decision and reflects on all the happy moments they had together.

Xuanzong misses her and even asks priest to contact her soul. This is a sad love story but people are touched by the love, sacrifice, death, and the hope that couple will be reunited one day. The poem ends with the lines “The boundless sky and endless earth may pass away, but this vow unfulfilled will be regretted for aye.”

The game is out now in more than 50 countries and regions. It has language support for English and Chinese. You can download it for free via Google Play and the App Store.

Watch a trailer for the game below!

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