The Last of Us Part I will not be optimized for Steam Deck for a while

Naughty Dog has confirmed that it will focus on computers and not on the Steam Deck.

The launch of The Last of Us Part I on PC has been a total disaster. It has been one of the worst launches of a PlayStation Studios game in history. As we have talked about before here at Game Freaks 365, the arrival of this version has caused blue screens, overheating, and even fried computers! Thus, a question has arisen this weekend: what will happen to the Steam Deck? Will Naughty Dog optimize the game for the Steam Deck?

Yesterday, Naughty Dog confirmed that the Steam Deck version will be delayed. The developer is focusing on improving the PC version and is not yet planning to optimize the Steam Deck version for Valve’s console any time soon. This has caused a negative response from the audience.

The Last of Us fried PCs

Naughty Dog has had a very difficult month of March with mixed reviews after the end of HBO’s The Last of Us series and a horrible launch of The Last of Us Part I on PC. And social media has become Naughty Dog’s suggestion and criticism box. As a result, in recent days, the company has had to constantly make small updates to improve the performance of the PC version.

However, all the users who have gotten their hands on a Steam Deck are constantly asking Naughty Dog on Twitter about the handheld version. Therefore, after announcing the new hotfix yesterday, the developer has spoken about the future of this version.

In a nutshell, the Steam Deck version has no date, especially when we have seen all the problems that PC players have suffered. If you have a Steam Deck, stay tuned to the website and we will notify you about any information related to Valve’s handled version.