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Bioware shares Mass Effect Legendary Edition player stats infographic

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Bioware, the development team behind Mass Effect, has published an infographic with statistics on the decisions that players made in the Legendary Edition.

In May of this year, Bioware released Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. A compilation of the trilogy starring Commander Shepard which we reported on months ago. Yesterday, the Bioware team, through the official Mass Effect Twitter account, shared with all fans of the series an infographic. It includes the numbers in percentages on the important decisions that players have made in the new compilation of the original trilogy.

How did you choose your Shepard?

The Mass Effect team once again allowed players to choose their character and both physical aspects and specialties were customizable. The most relevant decisions when choosing the character were:

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  • 32% of players chose a female character while 68% chose a male character to start their adventure.
  • Most users chose Earthborn as their character’s pre-service history with 52%, leaving Spacer with 27%, and Colonist with 21%.
  • There was a big difference in the military specialties chosen by the players. The Soldier specialization was the most popular.
  • Although it may not seem like it, the psychological profile is a very relevant aspect of this Legendary Edition. In this section there was a very small difference between Survivor and War Hero. Survivor was the most chosen but with only a 1% difference.

Choices and more choices

A large number of decisions, both minor and major, were made by the players in their adventures in this new compilation of the franchise. Data from decisions such as who survived in Virmire or which was the Mass Effect 3 outcome, these and many more Bioware shared with us in the infographic shared on Twitter. Some of these are:

  • Players preferred to save Ashley rather than Kaidan.
  • 94% of the time, Wrex survived the mission in Virmire.
  • 93% of players saved Rachni Queen in the first Mass Effect, of which 93% allied with the queen and 7% killed the queen in Mass Effect 3. The other 7% of players who did not save Rachni in the first Mass Effect resulted in 67% of them killing the Breeder Queen and 33% of them saving her in Mass Effect 3.
  • Garrus, Jacob and Grunt top the list of 12 squadmates most likely to survive the Suicide Mission.
  • Genophage was healed 96% of the time and only 4% were sabotaged.
  • 96% of good-hearted players pardoned Tali and 4% exiled her.
  • Once again Garrus tops the list, this time of the most popular squadmates in the first Mass Effect, followed by Tali and Liara.
  • In Priority: Rannoch, 80% achieved peace instead of allying with either the Geth or the Quarians.
  • Other decisions, perhaps less relevant but worth noting because of how funny they are, is that 68% of the players addressed the repoter’s questions with a punch to the face instead of addressing the questions with Candor and Grace, and all the players spent way too long time looking for the last Keeper which, they swear they scanned it already.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, and PC, making it an essential pack for fans of the saga, science fiction lovers, or simply users who want to give this beloved franchise a chance.