Things to do in Dragon’s Dogma while waiting for Dragon’s Dogma 2

Here are some fun and engaging things to do in the first Dragon’s Dogma game while waiting for the release of Dragon’s Dogma 2. Many gamers – including me – are excited about the upcoming launch of Dragon’s Dogma 2 on March 22, 2024. For now, you might want to keep yourself occupied with the much-loved first game.

This article will assume that you have gotten most of the achievements, completed all the side quests, the Hard Mode, and the Speedrun mode. Including those will make this list very generic and predictable. Instead, I will list certain activities to do in this game that will keep you entertained until Dragon’s Dogma 2 releases. Even after four playthroughs, I find these activities quite engaging, most of the time.

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Also, doing these activities will speed up your process to reach Level 200.

Unlock Every Vocation and Achieve the Highest Rank in Each of them

Combat is the best part of Dragon’s Dogma, and every class – or Vocation, as they are called in the game – have a lot to offer. This class system is vastly different from many other games and it manages to offer the player a significant amount of freedom while sticking to the theme of the selected class. The player can select a class and progressively unlock powerful skills for it, and master it. And with how addicting the combat is, players may not change their class often. But expect every Vocation to offer entertainment that cannot be achieved with any other class. That’s why you should try every one of them.

In total, there are nine Vocations and there are nine levels in each of them. Some are advanced vocations and some are hybrid vocations that combine aspects of basic and advanced vocations. The number of weapons and armor is insane in Dragon’s Dogma, and you will find unique gear you have never seen before when playing with each Vocation.

One other thing that’s very rewarding about trying all the classes is certain skills that you can use with every Vocation. For example, there are Strength and Magick buffs that you can apply for any Vocation of your choosing. And some skills are useful outside of battle, as well. For example, there are skills to improve the prices of the items you sell and make your lantern glow brighter.

Improve your pawn’s knowledge

When you travel and defeat enemies using various ways, your pawns will learn more about the world and its inhabitants. Utilizing a variety of tactics in combat, for example, grants your pawn knowledge. Stars depict the pawn’s knowledge, and it’s fun to attempt to achieve three stars of knowledge about each enemy in the game.

This doesn’t only apply to enemies but to the world itself and the quests. You can learn more about the world by exploring it attentively and locating various hidden things. To gain knowledge about quests, talk to everyone associated with the respective quests and try to uncover everything about them. That’s actually a great way to fully experience the game. A pawn with great knowledge has a high chance of being hired by other players, too.

Upgrade your favorite gear to the maximum level

I’m not aware of just how many weapons and equipment are there in this huge game, but you are certain to be drawn to specific items that you find to be useful and interesting. By upgrading them, you can reduce their weight and drastically improve their performance.

Upgrading is not a simple thing in Dragon’s Dogma. You must explore the world and gather materials that are needed for the improvements. After upgrading your weapons and armor to the Three Star level, you can Dragon Forge them.

Dragon Forging can be done automatically after defeating any dragonkin. Your items must have at least one level of improvement for the Dragon Forging to happen, and the higher the level, the better the chance for Dragon Forging. After reaching Bitterblack Isle, you can upgrade the Dragon Forged gear even further.

You will find a lot of exceptional items all throughout the game, including the Bitterblack Isle. It’d be a fun experience to pay attention to your favorites and upgrade them to the highest possible level.

Obtain the maximum number of Gold you can

There’s a limit to the money you can earn in Dragon’s Dogma, and for me, reaching that limit is one of the most entertaining things to do. You can use various talismans to boost the amount of money you gain by defeating enemies, and you can farm them in an attempt to earn the highest possible amount. By the end of your farming, you will be richer than the duke himself.

Complete the “From a Different Sky” quests

Things to do in Dragon’s Dogma while waiting for Dragon’s Dogma 2

There are a lot of quests in the game that you can find on notice boards. Completing these can be fun before they get too boring. The “From a Different Sky” quests are no different. You must traverse the world and locate medallions that will grant you Rift Crystals and money upon acquiring them. But be warned, these can get quite tedious as you progress. So, feel free to take a break from them when you feel bored. The rewards are the most important in these missions. Rift Crystals can be hard to come by, and this is one of the easiest ways to earn them outside of the Bitterblack Isle.

Raise the Affinity of your favorite characters to the Maximum level

Things to do in Dragon’s Dogma while waiting for Dragon’s Dogma 2

You have no doubt met some interesting and colorful individuals in Gransys, and you might have wanted to become friends with them. Well, you can raise their affinity by giving them gifts, completing their respective escort quests and simply talking to them every once in a while. There are hundreds of NPCs in the game, and raising their affinity to the maximum can be a fun activity. But be warned, some characters may automatically get labeled as your romantic interest. So, try to keep your chosen Beloved above others, always.