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This is the Police spin-off Rebel Cops announced for mobile

Rebel Cops is coming to Android and iOS devices “soon.”

The This is the Police spin-off is a turned-based tactical strategy game. You lead a “ragtag squad of cops” in a rebellion against a crime lord who takes over their town.

“As the notorious crime lord Victor Zuev takes control of the town of Ripton, the town officials find themselves on his payroll and local businessmen at his mercy,” the developer says.

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Rebel Cops will be available as a premium title and will feature no microtransactions, in-game ads, or loot boxes. The developers did not specify a price for mobile, although it retails for $9.99 on Steam.

According to the developer, the mobile version of the game will offer “the same thrilling tactical challenge” as the PC and console versions. However, the gameplay, as well as user interface, “have been optimized for a more satisfying mobile experience.”