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Ubisoft CEO: ”Not Safe” from EA Takeover

For the PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo gamers out there following the news over roughly the past year regarding a possible EA takeover of Ubisoft, a statement was made by the company’s CEO, affirming his position of helplessness in the possible takeover.

In the French newspaper Les Echos, Yves Guillemot said, “We are not safe from a hostile action on behalf of Electronic Arts, which it would be difficult to block in the event of really interesting offer. Now, we have some elements which enable us not to be stressed too much.”

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“If somebody is interested by our competitive advantages and that it is ready to pay them at their right price, then we will choose what will be best for our shareholders and our collaborators. An external actor will have not only to pay the company with his true value, but to also propose an industrial project which answers the interest of our employees,” Guillemot said.