Uncharted: Fortune Hunter support abruptly ends

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Uncharted: Fortune Hunter support abruptly ends

Naughty Dog abruptly shuts down Uncharted: Fortune Hunter support on mobile devices.

Naughty Dog made the announcement via Twitter:

Uncharted Fortune Hunter is being discontinued. As of today, in-game purchases of treasure maps and bags of orbs have been disabled, and the game is no longer available for download from the Apple App or Google Play Stores. However, you may continue to play the game in offline mode until it is removed from your mobile device.

The original action-puzzle adventure follows Nathan Drake’s continued pursuit to uncover the long-lost treasures of history. The game was first released in 2016, so it is almost six years old now.

If you haven’t heard of the game, you’re not alone. This was an unexpected release when it first came out and remained a niche product exclusively available on Android and iOS devices.

My Take

This was always a weird fit for the Uncharted franchise. It’s actually surprising that support for the game lasted this long. Of course, anyone who is a long-time player of the mobile game is likely to find this news disappointing.