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Uncharted Gets Trophies

A few weeks ago Sony patched the PS3 to allow “trophies”, the system’s equivalent of achievements. The only problem? Only a single game supported it at the time. The good news is that companies who had previously released games on PS3 could patch their titles to retroactively support trophies.

Naughty Dog is one of the first to do just that. Except you will have to play the game over again after you download the patch. The trophies will not be awarded based on previous save files. Although they have the technical ability to do that, Naughty Dog says that they didn’t, “so that everyone receives their Trophies fairly and can’t take advantage of the game saves we’ve seen floating around.”

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All told there are 48 different trophies for gamers to unlock within the game. This includes a Platinum trophy that is unlocked if you secure the 47 other trophies. If you have previously played, you may remember the “medals” that you could earn throughout the game. These have been converted to the trophies that will be on display for everyone to see once Home launches.