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Use Your Mii in FIFA Soccer 08 for Wii

FIFA Soccer 08 cover athlete Ronaldinho, one of the most talented and recognizable athletes in the world, will become the first professional soccer player to appear as a customized character exclusively for the Wii, Electronic Arts announced today. EA has created a unique character of the celebrated Brazilian International soccer star that will be playable in FIFA Soccer 08 on Wii.

The Wii-exclusive Ronaldinho will host a game mode designed and created exclusively for Wii called Footii Party with Ronaldinho. With this mode, EA introduces unique party games – including Table Soccer and Shoot Off – where you can play as your self-created Mii character to unlock Ronaldinho and take on the champ. Each Footii Party game is created as a multiplayer, social experience designed to engage and entertain fans of all ages.

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