VH1 Gives Away a Wii

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This week, VH1 Game Break’s got a giant Wii giveaway for you. There’s one big, grand prize package and that includes one o’ them thar Nintendo Wii systems that’s taken the country by storm. But that’s not all! We’ll include a mammoth 10,000 Wii Points which lets you buy old school games via the Wii’s Shop Channel Online.

Know what? We’re not done yet. We’ll throw in a Nintendo T-shirt and cap, too. The best part of this contest is that it’s really easy to enter and win. In the comments section, tell us your favorite anecdote about playing old school 80s games and how those great games shaped your life.

Don’t just write us one sentence. You have to write between 40 and 100 words or you’ll be disqualified. Make it funny, weird, sad, whatever. But definitely make it old school. Click here (http://www.vh1gamebreak.com/contest.html) for a little more about the contest and the rules.