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VH1 Pimp Your Own PlayStation 3 Contest

You say you want something big, something no one else has? Something no one else ever will have throughout, like, eternity? We’re giving away a spankin’, new PlayStation 3 here at VH1 Games. Not only that, we’re giving it away with fl0w and David Jaffe’s Calling All Cars casual games. Excellent, primo stuff, right?

But that’s not all, bucko. We’re going to let you customize your own PS3. How? You’ll be able to submit your favorite artwork or picture. Then, Sony and Green Demon Laser will get busy. They’ll laser-etch that art onto your PS3! Check out the pic below: these are the most artful consoles you’ll ever see. Totally drool-worthy.

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How do you win? It’s easy. Just tell us your favorite old school original PlayStation story. Did you love Parappa The Rapper? How about Crash Bandicoot or Gran Turismo? Tell us your funny stories, your anecdotes, your back-in-the-day memories in the comments section. Don’t just blab. Make ’em sing.

You have up to 150 words to explain your deep, abiding PlayStation love. The contest ends at midnight on May 21st. We’ll ruminate for a day or two upon your missives and tales. Then, we’ll choose the big winner. Click this link for full details.