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Voodoo Vince Review

Developer: Beep Industries Publisher: Microsoft
Release Date: September 22, 2003 Also On: None

3D platform titles have stayed similar to one another since the inception of Mario 64. Many have tried and failed to recreate this N64 classic and yet some (i.e. Jak and Daxter) have succeeded bringing together a fun, fresh game to light with aspects to the game that are not reminiscent of Mario 64. What category does Voodoo Vince fall into? Read on and you will find the answer.

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As Vince, you will manipulate through the game’s puzzles and combat, while encountering many humorous and creative game situations. Starting off, you will have to switch your thinking cap into high gear (well, maybe medium) and get used to the awkwardness of hurting yourself and have someone else feel the pain.

I found little wrong with Voodoo Vince, aside from the traditional platform elements that are evident throughout the game. The game play is fun, the controls are easily comprehensible, the camera is precise for the most part, and the conversations can be comedic. The combat system is rather pathetic, but it still delivers enough enjoyment to keep you engaged.

As for graphics, Voodoo Vince does little to push the Xbox to its capabilities. Each environment is spacious, but feels somewhat void from one area to the next. The emphasis on having a New Orleans look was well done, but might have been taken too seriously. Character designs are a mix. While Vince is well done, enemies tend to have a standard look for all of them.

Graphics: 7
Sound: 8
Gameplay: 7
Creativity: 8
Replay Value/Game Length: 6
Final: 7.2
Written by Kyle Review Guide