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WATCH: Indie World Showcase 5/11/22

Indie World Showcase

Nintendo streamed a new Indie World Showcase today.

The new Indie World Showcase features roughly 20 minutes of information on upcoming indie games that are heading to the Nintendo Switch. Some of the games are out today. So you don’t have to wait long at all to get your hands on them if you want.

Nintendo and its indie partners from around the world revealed new details about 20 indie games coming to the Nintendo Switch. Four titles arrive on Switch today: Mini MotorwaysSoundfallOPUS: Echo of Starsong – Full Bloom Edition, and Gibbon: Beyond the Trees.

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Of course, there were a lot more titles showcased. So we encourage you to watch the entire presentation. We’ve conveniently embedded the YouTube video below.

Watch the new Nintendo Indie World Showcase!

What do you think of this latest indie showcase for the Switch? Are there any games that stick out and excite you the most? Let us know your thoughts on the forums!