How to unlock easy achievements and trophies in Immortals Fenyx Rising

This article looks at some easy easy achievements and trophies in Immortals Fenyx Rising. These achievements and trophies do not require you to play through large parts of the story in order to unlock them.

However, if you intend to play through the game, there are a number of achievements that you can unlock just by progressing in the story. We will not include those in this article. So just keep that in mind.

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Join the Creed

If it is not obvious, the Join the Creed achievement is an Assassin’s Creed reference. Ubisoft is behind both of the games. To unlock this achievement/trophy, you need to perform ten stealth attacks. Note that you only need ten stealth attacks, not ten stealth kills. You can do this early in the game without needing to advance very far into the story.

Logs and Monsters

One of the easiest ways to get an achievement or trophy in Immortals Fenyx Rising is to get out your ax. It will take exactly a hundred chops if you chop down large trees. Small trees do not count toward this achievement/trophy.

It’s repetitious, yes, but you can also use this as an opportunity to collect Golden Amber. You’ll know if the tree has Golden Amber if it is glowing. The amber is used to upgrade the power of potions in the Hall of the Gods. 

Shard Miner

Ready for some mining? The Shard Miner trophy is unlocked once you destroy ten shard clusters. Unlike the two achievements above, shard clusters are a lot less common than enemies or trees. However, they do not require you to do any mundane work. You can obtain them just by exploring the map and advancing in the story.

What easy achievements in Immortals Fenyx Rising did you unlock? Let us know!