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Why is Mohg So Evil in Elden Ring?

Why is Mohg So Evil?

In Elden Ring, there are few characters as wicked and iniquitous as the Lord of Blood. But why is Mohg so irredeemably evil? In today’s article, we will explore the lore behind Luminary Mohg and the reasons for his vile nature.

The Omen

Underneath where the aristocratic and noble lived in the Royal Capital of Leyndell lay a system of sewers and dungeons that held the accursed Omen prisoner. These beings who had been born without the Grace of the Erdtree were shunned and treated with disdain. High-born families would rather abandon their Omen children than let their presence vilify their social status.

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Born to Queen Marika and Lord Godfrey, the Omen twins Morgott and Mohg were treated the same. While Morgott grew to despise his nature, Mohg embraced it. Morgott proved that even one who was unloved as she can be a noble person, while Mohg continuously sank into the dark side.

To get a better understanding of Mohg, let’s first discuss how he got the title “Lord of Blood”.

The Formless Mother

An outer God who craved wounds who was called The Formless Mother or The Mother of Truth met Mohg in the Shunning Grounds under Leyndell. Mohg accepted her blessing; the blessing being a curse of blood that’s called the Bloodflame.

With his new-found blessing granted by The Mother of Truth, Mohg proved everyone who shunned him correctly. He became the vile and disdainful Lord of Blood.

When we observe the item descriptions of certain objects associated with Mohg, we can learn that the incendiary blood that is the Bloodflame comes when the Formless Mother’s body is pierced.

Thrust arm into the body of the Formless Mother, then scatters the bloodflame to set the area ablaze. This incantation can be cast while in motion.

The mother of truth craves wounds. When Mohg stood before her, deep underground, his accursed blood erupted with fire, and he was besotted with the defilement that he was born into.

The Bloodboon Spell

The description of Mohg’s trident also reveals more about The Formless Mother:

Why is Mohg So Evil?

Trident of Mohg, Lord of Blood. A sacred spear that will come to symbolize his dynasty.

As well as serving as a weapon, it is an instrument of communion with an outer god who bestows power upon accursed blood. The mother of truth desires a wound.

The infamous curse that Mohg casts with the trident is known as the Bloodboon Ritual. He pierces The Formless Mother’s body with the trident, bathing it in the Bloodflame and creating blood explosions, dealing terrifying damage.

The Dynasty of The Lord of Blood

After becoming the Lord of Blood, Mohg resided in the Mohgwyn Palace, a region that is crimson with blood. He recruited followers that came to adore the Lord of Blood and the coming of his dynasty. This lot included White-Mask Varre, one of the first characters the Tarnished encounters. He attempts to convince the Tarnished into joining the flock of Mohg’s followers.

One of the most infamous and vile acts of Mohg is kidnapping the Slumbering Empyrean, Miquella, who was his half-brother. In his own twisted way, Mohg truly loved the Empyrean but it didn’t help the fact that Miquella was held in the Mohgwyn Palace against his will.

With the aid of his followers, Mohg attempted to wake Miquella from his slumber by bathing the Cocoon he laid in with blood. The Lord of Blood’s aim was to raise Miquella into Godhood and rule at his side. But for his misfortune, Miquella never responded to Mohg, and his dreams were eventually shattered by the Tarnished.

Why is Mohg so evil?

Now that we briefly discussed how The Lord of Blood came to be and the vile acts he committed in hopes to become a Monarch at the side of Miquella, let’s try to answer the question I introduced with the topic of this article. Why is Mohg so evil?

Why is Mohg so evil

It’s clear that Mohg became infatuated with glory and his bloody nature after meeting with the Formless Mother. Even before that, he accepted his fate as an accursed Omen who had been shunned by everyone.

Unlike Morgott, Mohg embraced his twisted nature and the fact that he was never born with the grace of the Erdtree. He sought to establish his own twisted and corrupt way of ruling. In a sense, this can be justified, but the acts he committed cannot be forgiven by any means.

Like Morgott, Mohg is also a tragic character. The tale of the Omen twins is a beautiful yet sad one. Without love and affection, it’s more common to see one embrace the inner darkness within him than become noble and respectful.