Will the Brine return in Dragon’s Dogma 2?

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Will the Brine return in Dragon’s Dogma 2?

Will the Brine return in Dragon’s Dogma 2? This bizarre being – or beings – infest the waters of Gransys, making it impossible for anyone to swim in these waters. What might the Brine be, exactly? In this article, we will explore this subject and uncover more information about it.

The word “Brine”

In real life, brine is basically a high-concentration solution of salt in water. It would be reasonable to assume that the name of the monster from Dragon’s Dogma was based off of this word. Might this creature be associated with salt in the game?

In-game sources of the Brine

You can encounter the Brine in multiple locations in Dragon’s Dogma. They are the ocean, Lake Hardship, the Watergod’s Altar, Nameless Falls, and the Prayer Falls.

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If this creature is associated with salt, or even composed of it as the name suggests, all the other water sources also contain salt water. That’s quite a tragedy because then Gransys would’ve been facing a crisis regarding drinking water as well as the awakening of the dragon.

Fortunately, no news like this can be heard in the game. Therefore, we can safely conclude that the monster must not be associated with salt.

How dangerous is the Brine?

Will the Brine return in Dragon's Dogma 2?

The Brine have lurked along the shores since ancient times…

– A pawn

Practically, the Brine is Dragon’s Dogma‘s creative way to prevent players from venturing too far off the map. The lack of swimming in the game is also thanks to this blockade that is the Brine. However it may be, this creature has some interesting lore behind it.

This ancient fog-like sea monster apparently delved into the water since ancient times. It’s perilous for the majority of beings in the world of Dragon’s Dogma to venture into the ocean.

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However, there are two creatures that appear to be immune to the Brine’s attacks. They are the relatively common Saurians and Death from the Bitterblack Isle.

Intriguingly, even the Seneschal is affected by the Brine. If he were to venture far into the ocean, he would be taken by the Brine as if he was an ordinary human.

This may suggest that the Brine is a being that’s not connected to – or predetermined by – the Seneschal in any way. Instead, it’s a monster of no known origin, as may very well be a potential cosmic horror creature.

Seneschal is basically the God in Dragon’s Dogma, but even he is affected by the Brine

However, I don’t have an explanation for why Saurians and Death aren’t affected by the Brine. Maybe the Seneschal being affected has nothing to do with the Brine’s power, and it’s simply the barrier reacting to the player venturing off the map.

Will the Brine return in Dragon’s Dogma 2?

If Dragon’s Dogma 2 will have swimming and exploration associated with water sources, it would mean that the Brine does not exist in it. Because of the minuscule amount of information on DD2 we have available right now, it’s impossible to know if it will return or not.

In my opinion, it would make sense for Capcom to include the Brine in Dragon’s Dogma 2 as well. It would fit in well and be compatible with the game’s lore. Instead of allowing the player to swim directly, they could introduce a new feature for exploration off the land.

To be honest, the Brine in the first game was but a creative obstacle for the player. But they had built a degree of lore of it. It would be a shame if they simply ditch the Brine completely. There’s also a chance that the game will say the Brine is simply not active where it will be set in (I think the game will be set in Meloire).