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Winners and Losers: Week of 11/4/07

Each week Game Freaks 365 compiles a list of the perceived winners and losers of the week based on news events. Since we don’t like useless (and highly controversial) gaming related Top 10 lists, we feel this fills that void for our readers. The winners and losers may be people, companies, systems, franchises – really anything. The lucky (and unlucky) ones this week are…

Winner: Super Mario Galaxy

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Nintendo’s latest Mario game is getting rave reviews (anyone surprised?). Super Mario Galaxy is averaging a 9.73 out of 10 on GameRankings.com. That beats every Xbox 360 and PS3 game released this year, not to mention Wii, including Halo 3’s 9.33, BioShock’s 9.53, Metroid Prime 3’s 9 and Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction’s 8.95. IGN says it is “one of the greatest platformers”, the best game on Wii and that it “feels like the true sequel to Mario 64.” GameSpot, the thus far Wii hating mainstream site, says that, “If ever there were a must-own Wii game, Super Mario Galaxy is it.” If GameSpot says they like it, anybody should. We will have our review this week.

Loser: Electronic Arts

EA Chicago was one of the company’s more talented studios. The Fight Night and Def Jam franchises both called EA Chicago home. Their most recent release, Def Jam Icon, received an 8.5 out of 10 from Game Freaks 365. Yet due to the company posting losses, and a projection that the studio wouldn’t post a profit until 2011, short term profits seem to have won out. What a shame.

Winner: Gears of War PC

PC gamers yet again get a steal at the expense of Xbox 360 owners. One year after last year’s highest selling Xbox 360 game of 2006, PC gamers get that same game for $10 less with 11 chapters instead of 6, 3 new multiplayer maps, a game editor, a new multiplayer mode, 50 new achievements, and all content that you had to purchase from the 360 version. You still have to register the CD key to a Live account, and you have to have Gold to use matchmaking or play ranked games, but you don’t need Gold to play unranked games online, host a game online, and play co-op online.

Loser: Rockstar

As we reported, Target has pulled Manhunt 2 from their retail shelves. Hackers found a way to play the game in its unaltered state without the blurred images using modded PlayStation Portable systems.