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Each week Game Freaks 365 compiles a list of the perceived winners and losers of the week based on news events. Since we don’t like useless (and highly controversial) gaming related Top 10 lists, we feel this fills that void for our readers. The winners and losers may be people, companies, systems, franchises – really anything. The lucky (and unlucky) ones this week are…

Winner: Wiimote jacket

After reports of Wii Remotes flying through televisions, walls, even causing bodily harm, Nintendo replaced the wrist strap with a thicker and more durable one. Now Nintendo is responding not because of flying Wii Remotes, but because they want to improve the product while keeping customers satisfied. They announced this past week that anyone that owns a Wii console could order up to four Wii Remote jackets to cover them, giving better grip and protection. Thumbs up to Nintendo for looking out for their customers even when it wasn’t really all that necessary.

Loser: O.J.

Our first loser of the week: O.J. Simpson. A judge in California ordered O.J. turn over a Rolex watch to the father of murder victim Ron Goldman, as well as “any future royalties from a video game in which he appears and any of the disputed memorabilia he can prove is his that Las Vegas police seized when they arrested him last month on robbery, kidnapping and other charges,” according to a CNN article. Said video game is 2K Sports’ All-Pro Football 2K8.

“When you take the watch and you take the sports memorabilia, it’s a drive toward monetary justice,” said attorney David Cook, who represents Goldman’s father, Fred Goldman. “This drive will continue because, unfortunately, monetary justice is the only justice we have available to us.”

Winner: New Xbox 360 owners

It seems that the cooler and less defect prone Xbox 360, code named “Falcon”, may have soared stores. According to, “new Halo 3 Xbox 360 consoles with lot numbers #734 have been confirmed to have the newly new 65nm CPUs in them. So, if the Halo 3 360s are a predictor of things to come, hopefully we’ll be seeing 65nm technology in all Xbox 360s hitting store shelves soon.”

Loser: Xbox 360 controllers

Microsoft is showing its masculinity. The company announced that it is shipping a pink and blue color set of Xbox 360 controllers. Maybe I am not partial to colored controllers, but pink and blue seem like two of the more unappealing color choices. As Shawn pointed out on the forums, Nintendo released every color imaginable on their N64, yet gray was always the most common and popular.