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Xbox controllers reportedly lack rechargeable batteries due to a Duracell deal

Xbox Series X controller

There’s apparently a good reason why Xbox wireless controllers do not come with rechargeable batteries: a previously unknown deal with Duracell.

GamesRadar reports:

A representative of Duracell UK has recently hinted that the reason Xbox consoles haven’t made the switch to rechargeable batteries yet is due to “a constant agreement” between Duracell and Microsoft. Microsoft has hit back with a statement pointing to customer choice instead. 

In an interview with Stealth Optional Duracell UK Marketing Manager Luke Anderson stated that there has been a long-running partnership between both companies and that he believes “it needs to go for a while more.” 

This may not come as a surprise to you observant few who may have noticed the sly reference to an Xbox controller (or at least a controller that has the same layout and colour scheme) in Duracell’s 2019 Christmas advert. As well as the more obvious Xbox One Duracell advert from 2017. 

Microsoft’s closest competitor switched to rechargeable batteries fifteen years ago. The PlayStation 3 DualShock 3 controller is both wireless and rechargeable. Sony continued the practice with both PS4 and the recently-released PS5.

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