15 Most Iconic Video Game Guns

Guns are a major part of many games and there are a lot of them which are really popular. Here are the 15 most iconic video game guns.

The entries on this list may be certain highly popular guns in individual games or franchises, or guns that are widely used and known in almost every game (for example, AK-47).

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This list is not ranked in any order.

15. Super Shotgun – DOOM

15 Most Iconic Video Game Guns

The Doom Slayer’s most iconic gun is the famed Super Shotgun. It’s a double-barrelled sawn-off boomstick that can rearrange the guts of demons, or rather, turn them into a bloody mess. Many of the guns in DOOM don’t have to be reloaded but the Super Shotgun obviously needs to be reloaded because it holds only two shells at a time. This is not an issue or a weakness in any way, however. The slayer reloads the gun insanely quickly and while moving around, you can tear demons apart with this powerful gun.

14. AS Val and VSS Vintorez – S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

15 Most Iconic Video Game Guns

AS Val and VSS Vintorez are basically the same guns, but different in a few ways: VSS Vintorez is a sniper, while AS Val is an assault rifle. In the end, it comes down to preference, however. These powerful firearms shoot 9mm bullets. That might sound weak, but it’s not. In the hands of a skilled Stalker, these firearms are deadlier than a raging Bloodsucker mutant. They’re integrally suppressed and very easy to handle, making them perfect for tactical stealth situations. Excepting Shadow of Chernobyl, these beauties can be customised to suit your needs in all other S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games. If you find one of these, definitely use them for a bit and I’m sure that it’ll be your favourite gun in the game.

13. Assault Rifle – Halo

15 Most Iconic Video Game Guns
Image source: https://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/iei0fg/all_assault_rifle_in_the_games/

The assault rifle of Halo is the standard issue firearm to the UNSC Marines and it’s an extremely efficient weapon. In short range, you can use its high fire rate to tear enemies apart and in long range, you can use short, controlled bursts to precisely take down enemies. The design of every assault rifle is fundamentally the same, with minor differences in each game. And I can’t be the only one that thinks this unique design is so cool. Variants of the assault rifle can hold from 30 bullets to 60.

12. AWP – Counter-Strike

15 Most Iconic Video Game Guns

AWP Sniper rifle is an absolute beast in the hands of a skilled rifleman. It’s a one-shot, one-kill weapon, meaning if you get shot with one of these, you die. Simple as that. Obviously, the user needs to handle the gun very skillfully because obviously, a sniper can’t do auto-firing and it’s a slow gun. But many Counter-Strike players use the AWP and are skilled with it. Landing a precise shot and killing an enemy with one single shot is so satisfying and it’s hard to go back to other weapons after you get used to this rifle.

11. Gravity Gun – Half-Life

15 Most Iconic Video Game Guns

The Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator, also known as the Gravity gun, is the most iconic weapon of Half-Life 2. As the name implies, it can manipulate energy fields. Meaning, that you can pick up objects without touching them and launch them at your enemies. It’s so fun to use and it’s very powerful. You can literally throw red barrels that explode at your enemies and that makes this gun a grenade launcher. Kind of.

10. Lancer – Gears of War

The Lancer is the assault rifle the player uses in the Gears of War franchise. It’s a hard-hitting and heavy gun that’s somewhat similar to a machine gun. One of the best features of the Lancer is the chainsaw attachment. You can literally tear enemies in half with it. Revving the chainsaw is loud and feels so badass. It’s the perfect weapon for the gritty and gloomy settings the Gears games have.

9. Portal Gun – Portal

Unlike other guns on this list, the portal gun can’t fire projectiles like bullets. Instead, it’s used to create portals so the player can travel through them. The design of the gun is very iconic and cool. It’s hard to imagine a gamer not knowing about this gun, to be honest.

8. Magnum – Halo: Combat Evolved

The Magnum pistol from the original Halo is one of the most powerful guns in the game. The stopping power of the pistol is unreal and because of its scope, it can serve well in long-ranged situations. Many players instantly fell in love with the pistol because of how efficient it was. The Magnum reappears in many other Halo games but Combat Evolved’s version is the most iconic.

7. BFG 9000 – DOOM

BFG 9000 is probably the most powerful weapon on this list. It can utterly destroy multiple demons with one shot. The ammunition for it is rare and it’s best used in desperate situations. Only someone as godly as the Doom Slayer could wield a weapon like this.

6. AK-47

AK-47 is a gun many people have heard of, no matter if they’re gamers or otherwise. This Russian-made iconic assault rifle is featured in almost every modern shooter, including Call of Duty, Battlefield, S.T.A.L.K.E.R., and even Max Payne. Some games allow you to customise the gun to look and work better, as well.

5. M1911

Like the AK-47, the American-made pistol, the M1911 is one of the most recognised firearms in the world. And it makes an appearance in more than many games. From third-person shooters like Mafia II to FPS games like Medal of Honor, this iconic pistol is a very common firearm in games.

4. Colt Single-Action Army

Colt SAA is the quintessential firearm of a gunslinger and it’s a fan-favourite. Apart from its obvious inclusion in Western games like Red Dead Redemption, GUN and Call of Juarez, the legendary Single-Action Army also makes appearances in games like Fallout New Vegas.

3. Bolter – Warhammer 40K

The unique blocky and heavy-looking design of the Bolter really suits the soldiers that carry them: the Ultramarines. This gun is incredibly powerful. The heavy-duty bullets it fires explode on impact and while the explosions can’t be seen, it’s certainly felt. Especially in the underrated gem Warhammer 40K: Space Marine, this gun felt so powerful. It’s a small firearm but it certainly looks heavy. The 9-foot-tall Ultramarines can wield it with only one hand if they need to.

2. Fat Man – Fallout

The Fat Man is basically a slingshot device that launches a mini nuclear bomb. Needless to say, it is extremely destructive. If not used correctly, it can blow up the user to pieces as well. A single well-aimed shot can eviscerate groups of enemies in one second. Apart from the BFG 9000, this might be the most powerful weapon on this list.

1. .44 Magnum Revolver

15 Most Iconic Video Game Guns

The heavy-duty and rugged-looking .44 Magnum Revolver is seen in games like Far Cry, Fallout, Mafia and many more. In the games, this gun is basically a hand cannon that can eviscerate its targets. It holds six shots, like most revolvers and it’s more than enough to kill anything that moves. For example, with the correct perks in Fallout New Vegas, this gun can kill a Deathclaw.