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19 Reasons to Buy a Wii: #15

The Nintendo Wii is about to launch on November 19, 2006. Between now and then, Game Freaks 365 is going to list 19 reasons each day for why you should buy a Wii.

#15 Rayman Raving Rabbids – Rayman has been Ubisoft’s platforming icon since it first appeared on the PlayStation in 1996. The sequel was released on PlayStation, Nintendo 64 and Dreamcast to widespread praise for its 3D environments and storybook graphics. Michel Ancel is at it again, but this time he’s taking his limbless hero to the Wii. Rayman is out to save the world from crazed bunnies in Rayman Raving Rabbids. Not much has been shown of the game, but we know that it will have a collection of mini-games, one of which you will be milking a cow. This isn’t your traditional Rayman, but the Wii isn’t your traditional console either.

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