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A Little Golf Journey launches today on PC and Switch

A Little Golf Journey

Along with the A Little Golf Journey launch announcement, the developers have shared a trailer where we can see different scenarios and some of the gameplay mechanics.

After sharing the makers’ announcement of A Little Golf Journey‘s release date and gameplay with you here on Game Freaks 365, the day has arrived. A little Journey Golf, a new title from Okidokico and Playtonic Friends, is now available for PC and Nintendo Switch.

Sit down, relax, and do some golf shots

As we previously stated, A Little Golf Journey is about the journey, not the driver. Explore various biomes, discover the mysteries of each course, and enjoy a calm, lighthearted experience centered around a simplified version of the game of golf.

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The game allows players to enjoy the natural beauty of the course by spending all of their time out of bounds or shooting straight towards the greens. All of this happens while we discover small secrets that make our gaming adventure one-of-a-kind.

A Little Golf Journey is now available for Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam and GOG.

Watch the launch trailer down below!