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A Little Golf Journey is coming to PC and Switch next month

A Little Golf Journey

A Little Golf Journey is a relaxed, fun experience centered on a simplified version of golf.

Golf enthusiasts are celebrating today, and it isn’t because of a new release of EA Sports PGA Tour. Okidokico and Playtonic Friends announced today the release date of their new game, A Little Golf Journey, for PC and Nintendo Switch.

Relax, explore, and discover each course’s secrets

In A Little Golf Journey, you may explore various biomes, discover the mysteries of each course, and tee off on the most peaceful round you’ve ever played. You may take your time admiring the natural beauty of the course, spend all of your time out of bounds, or aim directly for the hole, just like in the actual game!

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The game took the Okidokico team on their own journey as they had to master all the disciplines in order to create their take on Golf while also creating a relaxing, intriguing narrative with plenty of puzzles and flexibility in play that allows you, the player, to chart your own course through the world.

A Little Golf Journey will be available for the Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam on October 14, 2021.

Watch the relaxing launch trailer of the game here on Game Freaks 365!