Adventure Company Ships NIBIRU

The Adventure Company, a leading publisher of adventure games, today announced NIBIRU: Age of Secrets for Windows has shipped to retailers across Canada and the U.S.

From the creators of Black Mirror, comes a riveting new graphic adventure. The game begins with the discovery of a mysterious World War II tunnel unearthed while building a new highway in Bohemia. What begins as a short expedition to Prague turns into a dangerous and thrilling mystery involving murder, the deep dark secrets of the Nazis, and the demise of the Mayan civilization. Playing as Martin Holan, you’ll find yourself reeling into the heart of an exhilarating adventure.

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NIBIRU uses the AGDS (Advanced Graphic Development System) engine. Apart from the standard elements, AGDS enables several graphical effects including: rain, lightning, fog, etc. The primary graphical mode is 32 bytes, but there is also a less demanding 16 byte mode to accommodate players with lower system configurations. The engine was first developed for the Black Mirror horror adventure game.

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